European Helicopters

European Helicopters

Airbus Helicopter entrance Marignane France

The legacy of 130 years of R&D.

Europe was the cradle of rotary aviation. The Breguet Brothers, Paul Cornu, Juan de la Cierva, or companies such as AEG, Flettner and Focke-Achgelis all are remembered to lead the way, the latter provided Germany with the only wartime helicopters in operation outside USA. And for the latter, Sikorski was a Russian emigré. After WW2, many manufacturers would operate, and ultimately merge to form heavyweights such as Aérospatiale in France, Westland in UK, Agusta in Italy, MBB in Germany, now Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopter is the Western Europen giant. Meanwhile with a dynamic drone industry, 3.0 "flying taxi" promised a renewed interest in light rotary aviation for the years to come.


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