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Helicopter was just like plane, a contested invention for Which the US had some claims. Although the type was really invented in Europe and perfected during the interwar as a hybrid called the autogyro, its really just before and during WW2 that the US shines, with Bell and Sikorky in open rivalry. First to be operational in large number, like the German models, was the S5, used for SAR at first over the pacific. The cold war saw a quick extension of models, and soon the korean War saw their active deployment, followed by the Vietnam War where it became indispensible. This warrying experience contributed to make the USA a renown world specialist of helicopters, even leading the way towards new horizons with the convertible V22 Osprey, stealth and superfast models. .
Bell helicopters


Bell helicopters

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The champion of Igor Sikorsky

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Brantly, Enstrom, Erikson, Karem, MD, Robinson, Rotair, Rotorway, Schweizer, Skyworks

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